Trial Kit -<br>Hydration Test
Trial Kit -<br>Hydration Test
Trial Kit -<br>Hydration Test

Trial Kit -
Hydration Test

How to determine the skin's level of moisture?

The skin barrier plays an important function in both keeping bad bacteria out as well as keeping moisture in the skin. The Hydration Test’s adhesive test area removes dead skin flakes from the skin’s surface. The more skin flakes removed, the drier the skin is.

Knowledge about their level of dry or hydrated skin, combined with product information guides consumers to purchase their appropriate body care selection from your brand.

Format: 70 x 55 mm
Test Card: 200 g/m2 paper 
Carrier Card: 200 g/m2 paper

Test Strips: 2 (= 2 single Tests or 1 Before & After Test)*


How does it work?
1. Press test strip on the elbow or chin for 5 seconds
2. Compare the result fields with the references on the card to determine the hydration level
3. Repeat
with 2nd test strip after product application for proving the product claim (optional before & after test)


*Indicators are irreversible - one-time use only