Trial Kit -<br>Skin Type Test
Trial Kit -<br>Skin Type Test
Trial Kit -<br>Skin Type Test

Trial Kit -
Skin Type Test

Format: 70 x 55 mm
Material: 200 g/m2 paper 
4/4 CMYK

Test Strips: 2 (= 1 Test/Consumer Engagement)*

The Skin Type Test reacts to sebum on the skin, allowing the consumer to determine whether she/he has a dry, normal, combination, or oily skin within seconds.

The knowledge about their skin type, combined with product information, guides consumers to purchase appropriate skincare selections from your brand.


How it works:
1. Press test strip on the forehead for 10 seconds
2. Repeat with 2nd test strip on the cheek
3. Compare the result fields with the references on the card to determine the skin type


*Indicators are irreversible - one-time use only